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To defend. This is the pact, but when life loses all value and is taken for naught, then the pact is to... Avenge! ! !

Welcome to the home of the Army of Blood Keep. One of the oldest established online role-playing and player versus player combat gaming guilds based on a military style. Originally formed in 1994 in the game Never Winter Nights once hosted by America Online.

Since then we have ventured into numerous campaigns in a variety of lands such as Dark Sun Online, Lords of Empyria , Ultima Online, EverQuest, and Asheron's Call. Scouts now travel to lands such as Dark Age of Camelot and Shadowbane where new outposts will form if we find it worthy of challenge.

Journey through the halls of the keep, learn of our battles and share in our tales, for our Army dressed in Black is covered by the red of blood from those of our enemies who would do battle with us!

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