So many websites for one guild!

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So many websites for one guild!

So, we have multiple websites running right now and this will be a temporary site to support New World.
Summary is dot com is broke, so using dot org which is sending there, until dot com can be refreshed / rebuilt.

What happened?

The old website was drastically broken and out of date.
The message boards were using phpBB-3.011 which is not supported.
The older message boards were ubbThreads which we moved off of.

Trying to get everything on the website working, did not work.
Called hosting provider tech support.
The version of cPanel is no longer supported, and I am migrating to latest version.
This migration has been going on for a year?
It is staged. Ok, well I can not get wordpress working.
PHP version is no longer supported on the legacy hosting.
Need to wait until the upgrade happens.

Meantime, we can upsell you to the latest hosting plan which costs more, and you can have the latest versions of everything.

Uh. No.
So, in process of migrating to a new host, but while waiting to get everything ready, configured, updated.
Here we are!

Any site suggestions let me know.

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