Founded: 1994

To Defend.

This is the pact.

But when life loses all value, and is taken for naught, 

then the pact is to . . .

AVENGE ! ! !

Welcome to the home for the “Army of Blood Keep.” ABK is one of the oldest established online role-playing and player versus player combat gaming guilds that still exists, based on a military style role-playing theme of soldiers and knights. Army of Blood Keep was originally formed in 1994 in the game “Neverwinter Nights once hosted by America Online,” and continues today, to have chapters in “Massively multiplayer online games” (MMO’s).

As an online social gaming club, our members have ventured into numerous campaigns in a variety of lands such as Dark Sun Online, Lords of Empyria , Ultima Online, EverQuest, Asheron’s Call, Dark Age of Camelot, Shadowbane, World of Warcraft, and a return to our founding home of Neverwinter. Scouts travel even now on expeditions to lands such as Elder Scrolls Online, while continuing to explore new lands, where new outposts will form if we find it worthy of challenge and want to call our home.

Journey through the halls of the keep, learn of our battles and share in our tales, for our Army dressed in Black is covered by the red of blood from those of our enemies who would do battle against us!Wd!”

“Blood Will Follow Blood!”

Gaming Since


Campaigned In

5 +
MMO Games

With Over

20 +
Life Time Members

The Army of Blood Keep is an online gaming guild within a medieval fantasy setting as a military force gathered into an Army based upon the art of player versus player (pvp) combat, player versus anything (PvX) content, conquest and role-playing (rp) stationed within the fictional Blood Keep.

Members are ‘Of The Blood’ tied to the land they inhabit and each other through the Blood of Taarak and Axiom our gods, and granted special abilities to reflect their service to the gods, land, guild, and each other. It is the Birthright of those of the Blood to rule the Land and see peace instilled through our leadership.

We are neither a good or evil aligned guild, but proclaim neutrality in our actions. Peace will be instilled through the rule of our scion’s with force of arms as needed. Individual member’s can be either good or evil and role-playing their alignment is strongly encouraged, as long as they maintain the overall standards of the guild.

We are not against player killing (anti-pk), nor a player killer (pk) guild, we look for the challenge of player versus player (pvp) combat in single or group combat, adding the role-play (rp) elements into our hard fought battle either in game or with a posted role-play (rp). We strongly support player versus player combat within the games we are a part of, as it adds challenge to the community.

We have endured over the years due to our unique guild system and bylaws, while maintaining close family values with each member. The character next to you in game is not only your guild mate and a member of the Army, but also your brother and sister as a player. Blood is thicker than water.


  • Neverwinter Nights (AOL)
  • Ultima Online
  • EverQuest
  • Dark Age of Camelot
  • Shadowbane
  • World of Warcraft
  • Guild Wars
  • The Lord of the Rings Online
  • Neverwinter Online
  • Elder Scrolls Online

Guild Style

  • Military / Knight Themed
  • Passive Roleplay (Message Boards)
  • Player versus Environment
  • Player versus Player
  • Progression / Leader Boards
  • Conquest / Team Based
  • Member Contests
  • Calendar and Event Planning
  • Members Supporting Members
  • Open Knowledge Sharing

Guild Members

  • North America Central Time (-5 GMT)
  • Peak Times: 6pm to 10p M-F 
  • Weekend Ops (SAT pm / SUN am)
  • Mature Working / Adults / Parents
  • Family Orientated / Friendly
  • Casual and Solo Friendly
  • New Players Welcome
  • Supporting All Playstyles
  • Social Graces and Etiquette Observed
  • Voice Chat Not Required (Encouraged)

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Games Change, players move. Life Happens. Stay informed and keep in touch with us through any communication channel that is best for you!

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