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Things are Broke

Need to try to fix, not sure why it is broke. Can not get it to load. Is really aggravating. Can not dix.

A Fake Blurb

Only using the excerpt area, there is no read more.

Lor Ipsum 3

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Lor Ipsim 2

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Making a frake post from the past from someplace

2019 Dated Post

How to backdate posts.
This is becoming an issue.

How to fix?

Saying Thanks:

Wanted to drop a note of thanks to Meer of the soon to be formed guild, ‘Knights of the Old Ways,’ who aided us yesterday

New Site is up:

The New look of the site is up, it’s been a few weeks in the works as you all know. I hope everyone is generally

ABK Forms in DAoC

The Army of Blood Keep is now a founded guild within Dark Age of Camelot’s Albion Realm on the Bedevere Server. For those who are

Dark Age of Camelot

It has come. Tomorrow Army of Blood Keep officially forms in this new game. After spending time within the beta test, after the shortcomings of

New Look

The New Guild Layout is almost complete. A Shout out goes to Mighty Groone for the new Shield Emblem, and to Div from Aerynth for