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Ultima: Tower

ABK took a loss today, as one of our own felt that their contributions to the guild were deserving of sole reward. This person violated

UO: A Sad Day

It’s a sad day, that I report that the Commander of our Ultima Chapter; Kiera is now stepping down and retiring from a life of

Chat Server Down

Currently Stratics has been having trouble for many of us to communicate within game as we have been unable to enter or stay connected to

Lost Data

Due to some issues with the server we lost a lot of data that we had no backups for. Old news from the past couple

Birth Announcement:

A congratulations to Kiera and Dettox on the birth of their newest addition to their clan! Ronan Liam George born on June 8, 2000 at

DAoC Guild Beta

Lorri, our Official Guild Scribe and acting as the Guild Master as entered Army of Blood Keep to be one of the guilds that tests

ABK Shadowlords

In less then a week, ABK has jumped up to take the number three spot in the Shadowlords as we went full force with everyone

UO: Shadowlords

ABK hit’s top ten Shadowlords faction on Catskills for Ultima Online, ranked 7th: Army of Blood Keep, 45 Kill Points Not to bad for a

UO Commander

It’s with honor and privelege that upon this day, Kiera is named the new Guild Commander for the Ultima Online Chapter of the Army of

Declaring War on ABK?

What happens when you think you can take out a guild such as ABK, and decide to target our lone travelers? The guild known as

ABK joins Shadowlord Faction

The time for us to decide has come. The Army of Blood Keep will be joining the Shadow Lords Faction (UO:Cats), if you would like

Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone, from summer vacation! All of us have had an interesting summer, from the tales going on in our campfires, and a lot