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ABK has now relocated our chatroom to the Stratics server. After testing we found it alot more stable, and the problems we have been having


A Congratulations to our Kiera whom on this day is a newlywed, joined in Holy Matrimony to her new husband, our brother Dettox! Many were

Moving Chatroom

Were moving our IRC to Test on a Stratics Server! Go to File, and Options, Hit the ADD button, and enter this info: For Description:

FNG Declares War on ABK

ATTN ABK: A guild named the Feluccian National Guard hath declared war upon us… please discuss this in private boards, as we prepare to accept,

ABK Marching Chants

Ok. Well…We have some creative folks after all in ABK, and they decided to create some, unique chants. Jake Bashir Wrote: New ABK marching chant:

Guild Announcement

In General, I’d like to thank everyone who has been a part of ABK, in the past, our present, and the future. As we look

New ABK Motto

With a lot of older, disgruntled former members of ABK, which have not decided to join us for a variety of reasons have been making

When will the learn?

Thanks goes out to Johnny Rotten (not to be confused with the PvP/Theif Jonny Rotten in Cove) and Cecil, who allowed us several times to

Kids… A Personal Note

As everyone knows, I’ve been pulling double shifts and have been away from gaming. My girlie had some kinda school pot luck dinner thing last

Apoc Final Round

A Congrats to Witchy who took a two wins in the Apoc Ladder hosted by the Crimson Alliance, and a loss to a dexer in

ABK Disbanding

After long and careful consideration, we, the Army of Blood Keep, have decided, in the best interests of the guild, that we are disbanding, and

ABK EverQuest Explorers

After a year of planning and research ABK has formed our third chapter! We now have a small guild presence in the lands of Norrath.