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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all, and while having a fun night to break in the new year, new millennium, and new century, be safe and

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays, and best wishes to all. Merry Christmas. -gary

Guild Mail String

Guild Updates went out in email today, if you did not get mail from me, you should contact one of the officers to discuss your

Guild Email Strings

I’m in the process of getting the mail string set up, if you are a member, and do not get mail from me tonight, email

FW Update

Today, Lotun de Aerth, has been officially promoted to the rank of Master Knight Lord, and had become an officer in the guild, for the

FW Chapter

It is with great pride and honor that Army of Blood Keep has officially opened the doors to another chapter of the guild, in Forgotten

Hall of Heroes Update

The Hall of Heroes section now includes Lotun, and Ullath for their past accomplishments within the guild. Congratulations to Both!

Guild Chatroom

A Private Chat room has been created and set up for the guild members,access information can be found on the members only board. Thanks to


Jake Bashir has been promoted to AGM, and will carry the rank of Commander in the guild. With all the duties and privilege’s to be

A Sad Day

It’s with sadness we bid farewell to a member of our community who recently passed away. The player behind MECH Mourn, a great fighter in

Official ABK Announcement:

Over the past few weeks, as reorganization and preparation for the return of ABK, people have been asking a large amount on questions regarding the guild. Below is a recap of the most common questions and what folks are wishing to learn, I hope this answers most of them as the guild officers and I have been working hard at providing you the guild you enjoy, it’s been great to see so much interest and so many old faces returning. -gary

Guild Boards

Thanks go out to SoulDemon over at SoulCorp for aiding us when we ran into a scripting problem with our message boards. We now have